Since tuition only covers about 70% of a students’ educational experience, SMU student leaders use an annual event called STOP Day to educate their peers on just how important donors like you are to their educational experience. Watch video.


Research in Mathematics Education (RME)

New assessment tool for teachers to measure math reasoning skills can drive effort to intervene early in ongoing struggles of U.S. elementary and high school students. A $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to researchers at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, targets the ongoing struggle of U.S. elementary and high school students with math. Read more.


Homecoming of Heroes

There’s nothing quite like it: the Parade, a party on the Boulevard, the Pigskin Review, the game, the red and blue. Maybe a lot has changed since you’ve last been on campus, but you’ll instantly recognize the atmosphere at Homecoming. It’s infectious, a legacy and tradition the Student Foundation carries on today, with your help. Read our Guide to Gameday, and make arrangements to be back on the Hilltop this November.


More Learning, Better Students

The Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (A-LEC) is one of the many support programs across campus solely intent on student success. Through the help offered by A-LEC and other centers on campus, students build confidence, develop sharper skills, and learn to navigate the rigors of their academic and social lives.


A Winning Assist

“I wanted to attend a school where I could play basketball and also get a business degree,” Jonathan Wilfong ’17 said about picking SMU. “I could have gone to a smaller school and played more, but I knew what I wanted to study and I knew where my future was.” But no one knew his love of basketball and business studies would lead him to found Coaching for Literacy, and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get kids reading.


Community Theater

SMU students and alumni used their talents and vision to bring together communities across Dallas in an expansive and vibrant recasting of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  Learn how the Meadows School, and eleven SMU undergraduates, put together “One of the best experiences I’ve had in college,” and united a community through art.


Dorm Life

For most, dorm life is a short interlude between living at home with your parents and your first apartment. For Dedman College chemistry professor David Son, returning to the dorm—with his wife and two children—was an opportunity to build a community, and more community-minded SMU students. Learn how he engages SMU students with family meals and a parent’s care.


Mentoring with a “no”

When Professor Eric Bing told SMU senior Dylan DeMuth he was not yet qualified to enroll in his global health class, he gave the premed student a challenge to “improve your grades and call me in a month.” Dylan did, and met with Bing a month later to report improvement—the beginning of a mentorship that inspired DeMuth to re-choreograph his life.


An Academy Award

“It is overwhelming to be in the company of Winston Churchill, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jonas Salk and the ‘mother’ of my own discipline, Margaret Mead,” said noted SMU anthropologist Carloine Brettell as she contemplated her induction into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. It’s an extraordinary honor, but well deserved. Read more about Professor Brettell’s research and accomplishments.


A Game-Changer for Adult Literacy

Adult illiteracy is not a problem to be toyed with—but Corey Clark began to wonder if it shouldn’t be. Read how Corey, deputy director for research in the SMU Guildhall game development program, led a cross-campus team of student and scholars to build a gamified app to teach literacy that is now a finalist in the $7 million Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE.


Abroad Education

It’s no secret that travel broadens one’s horizons. Every year, SMU students strike out for far corners of the world to learn, experience and grow, becoming truly global citizens. Read their experiences here and discover how they made where they went part of who they are.


Personal Achievement

Patricia Nance ’17 knows how to fight through a problem. She takes her inspiration and fighting spirit from her grandmother, who has beat back cancer twice. Through the support of the Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, Patricia is able to focus on her research—synthesizing antibacterial polymers—and make the world better for her grandmother, and everyone else.


Congressman Sam Johnson’s gifts to SMU reflect life of service

Johnson’s dedication to public service spans a 29-year military career and 26 years in the U.S. Congress. SMU celebrates the creation of The Hon. Sam Johnson Endowed Military Scholarship Fund and the donation of his historic papers and other materials to the University’s special collections repository. Read more.


Meet “Evie,” the Mobile Greenhouse

The SMU Fund propels academic centers and community engagement efforts that make possible hands-on projects such as Evie, an experimental mobile greenhouse developed by students at the Hunt Institute for Engineering to help low-income communities access fresh produce. Read more.


“Night at the Club”

These clubs—and hundreds of other opportunities to grow and learn on campus—are possible through your generosity. Thanks to you, 1,423 incoming students will have a better and broader education and SMU experience.