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Dedman College is SMU’s largest and most diverse academic unit. It is home to the humanities and social, natural and mathematical sciences – disciplines that are the core of higher education. The sixteen departments in Dedman College offer 40 undergraduate majors, 56 minors and numerous interdisciplinary programs. The College also provides 17 master’s and 14 doctoral degree programs.

In addition, Dedman promotes academic discovery through its interdisciplinary centers and institutes, including the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies; Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute; Center for Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery; and the Embrey Human Rights Program. Each of the centers and institutes allows students to put their ideas into action through engaged learning activities beyond the classroom.

Your gift to Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences enables us to continue important research and provide scholarships and fellowships to students. In essence, your support helps Dedman College shape world changers every day. Please make your gift to Dedman today.

Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences Giving Priorities

Current-Use Priorities

SMU Fund for Dedman College

The SMU Fund for Dedman College provides the Dedman College dean with unrestricted resources to strategically implement new academic programs, make innovative ideas come to pass, promote student projects and bring to fruition the best new opportunities that arise in the course of an academic year. Because innovations — and, it must be said, occasional setbacks — come when we least expect them, having the resources to address them in a timely manner is crucial to the continued success of Dedman College.

Faculty Support and Academic Programs

It is crucial for Dedman College to attract — and especially retain — outstanding faculty who bring with them internationally recognized research programs as well as an intense dedication to teaching. While Dedman College students would benefit from additional faculty in all disciplines, leadership has identified the greatest needs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Economics, Human Rights, Mathematics and Jewish Studies. In addition, the Dedman dean is one of only two non-endowed deanships in the University. Endowing the dean’s position will provide much-needed funds that can be used to support other strategic areas of the College.

Undergraduate Student Support

Dedman College Scholars are winning national fellowships, being admitted to top graduate and professional schools and landing exciting positions in the nation’s top companies. Financial support allows us to attract the very best and brightest students to the College, and more and more of these students are choosing SMU over our top competitors. Donors can support the program through both endowment and current-use giving.

Graduate Student Support

High-quality Ph.D. students are critical to the research mission of Dedman College. In the sciences in particular, faculty research hinges on the work advanced by graduate students in their laboratories. Faculty members mentor the next generation of young researchers, who in turn provide valuable service to the projects undertaken in the laboratories. Virtually none of our faculty research in the sciences can take place without exceptional Ph.D. students. Support will help bring Dedman’s Ph.D. stipends up to the level of our peer institutions. Most Ph.D. students are supported for at least four, and sometimes five, years. Key areas of need include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Economics.

Embrey Human Rights Program (EHRP)

This signature program offers learning opportunities in the field of human rights, primarily through an undergraduate major and minor. SMU is one of only seven institutions in the United States to offer a bachelor’s degree in this field. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses offered from a range of academic disciplines. A generous donor and the program’s namesake, The Embrey Family Foundation has funded operations for the program through 2019. Donor support is needed for both current-use funds and endowment funding to ensure the program’s continued success.

Dean’s Research Council

The Dean’s Research Council provides seed money for faculty research projects in the early stages of development. In the past five years, the availability of external funding from government, foundations and other sponsoring agencies has dwindled considerably while competition for those funds has increased enormously. Dean’s Research Council funding allows faculty members to get new projects off the ground and develop proof-of-concept and other means for demonstrating project viability. This in turn positions them more competitively to apply for significant external funding. Dedman College faculty receiving Dean’s Research Council funding have been extremely successful in garnering federal and foundational support for their innovative research projects.

Endowment Priorities

While current-use giving provides immediate impact for our students and faculty, establishing an endowment for the humanities and sciences provides a dependable source of income for generations to come. Many times our alumni, parents and friends create an endowment as a permanent legacy honoring or memorializing the life and work of an individual or organization. A named endowed fund may be established with a minimum gift of $100,000 as an academic excellence or scholarship fund. As you read through the College’s current-use priorities, you will realize there are opportunities to endow faculty positions, scholarships, fellowships and research and academic excellence funds. We look forward to talking with you about an endowed or current-use gift that is meaningful to you and provides needed support for SMU students and faculty.