SMU alumni have an established tradition of celebrating their undergraduate reunion year with a gift to SMU.

Your gifts, especially to current-use funds such as the SMU Fund, provide resources that are put to work immediately to support SMU’s mission of shaping world changers.

Alumni celebrating their class reunion are encouraged to become core supporters of SMU by making a five-year commitment to the University.

A gift of any size, recurring annually, builds the foundation from which SMU can launch even more ambitious world changers in the decades to come. Most important, it shows our current students and faculty that they can count on alumni for support.

Please help your reunion class reach its participation and dollar goals today.

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Track Our Progress

Class Year Goal Progress We Still Need... Who Has Made a Gift?
1972 264 donors
31 donors
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1977 228 donors
23 donors
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1982 310 donors
46 donors
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1987 309 donors
0 donors
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1992 231 donors
15 donors
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1997 247 donors
74 donors
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2002 305 donors
151 donors
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2007 301 donors
56 donors
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2012 309 donors
95 donors
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