What comes to mind when you think of SMU? The energy and excitement as we finish another school year brings to mind the many aspects that make this University great; our commitment to excellence, our beautiful campus in the heart of Dallas, the endless opportunities we offer for growth each day, both in and out of the classroom, and our dedicated alumni community who make this success possible. No matter what stands out as making your SMU experience special, the University has a lot to love.

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Through the BBA, MBA and other advanced degree programs, Cox School of Business equips students with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to become business leaders.

The Cox Advantage – our strategic location in the heart of Dallas, our size and culture that encourage collaboration, our Cox Network dedicated to helping our students develop skills that lead to successful careers and our innovative spirit that gives our students a leg up on their peers – truly sets Cox apart from other business schools.

Dean Matt Myers’ goal is to build upon what already makes Cox great, grow our program and become nationally recognized as the premier offering for a business education, because of our high-caliber business leaders. Current-use gifts allow Dean Myers the flexibility to make an impact where Cox needs it most – from scholarship support to new program development. Show your love with a gift of any size today.

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We are the heart of SMU, and the oldest, largest and most diverse school on campus.

The over 1,500 courses offered at Dedman College every year provide all SMU students with a broad and deep knowledge of our world in its physical, symbolic, quantitative, social and expressive dimensions. At Dedman College, faculty and students confront real-world problems with both the latest science and the wisdom of the ages; they grapple with the complexities of understanding the world’s economic and political systems; and they tackle the perplexing question of what it means to be human.

Dean DiPiero strives to collaborate with faculty on strengthening academic programs, developing new and innovative ones and always pushing for continuous improvement to attract top students and expand our world-changing research. In the next year, he wants to increase the number of Dedman College scholarships; build support for Ph.D. students, the faculty of the future; and augment membership in the Dean’s Research Council to help get new research off the ground. Show your love for Dedman College by making a current-use gift today.

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At Dedman Law, our students form meaningful connections with extraordinary faculty, the DFW legal community and attorney mentors from the very start of their program.

Dedman Law is the first law school in the nation to introduce a flash mentorship program to its students. The Mustang Exchange pairs students with multiple alumni mentors for one-on-one career conversations.

In the next year, Dean Jennifer Collins wants to increase scholarship funding for talented students and enhance their opportunity to practice law and serve the community through the work of our clinical program. Gifts to the SMU Fund for Dedman Law are designated for current use, allowing Dean Collins to provide immediate support wherever the law school needs it most. Show your love for Dedman Law by making a current-use gift today.

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At Lyle, we believe that we are all born engaged learners. In our infancy, we begin to explore the world. We manipulate, we test, we assemble – we may even tear things apart.

This curious play is the natural stage where each and every one of us begins our journey to learn about the world. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way most of us are bound by the concept of “book learning” – regurgitating predigested knowledge as a list of facts. At the Lyle School, our goal is to engage your natural curiosity, to find ways to let you roll up your sleeves and experience the art and science of engineering problem solving. In short, we’re changing the way people think about engineers.

In the next year, Dean Marc Christensen wants to increase the diversity of the entering undergraduate class and distinguish the school through leadership development and a focus on solving society’s great challenges. Gifts to the SMU Fund for Lyle are designated for current use, allowing Dean Christensen to provide immediate support to wherever Lyle needs it most. Show your love for Lyle by making a current-use gift today.

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At the Meadows School, we challenge each student to develop his or her gifts to the highest level.

We challenge students to find their unique voices and to develop the highest level of craftsmanship. While message and craft are the foundations of art, we also practice entrepreneurship, outreach and engagement because they make an artist employable and relevant.

Every day at Meadows, we celebrate the gift of learning, growing and imagining all of the things that a community of artists, dreamers, thinkers and scholars can do for the greater good — in our community, in our country and in the world.

Dean Sam Holland’s goal is for Meadows to be the leading force in Dallas and beyond for artistic and creative expression, with a national and international reputation as a trailblazer in arts, media and communications. Support to the SMU Fund for Meadows provides Dean Holland with the flexibility to embrace new opportunities as they arise and make an impact where Meadows needs it most. Show your love for Meadows by making a current-use gift today.

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The faculty and staff of Perkins are committed to the mission of preparing women and men for faithful leadership in Christian ministry.

Students study with a faculty, diverse both culturally and in theological perspective, in the school’s graduate degree and certificate studies programs. Practical internships integrate classroom learning with hands-on ministry, and the world-renowned Bridwell Library offers students and scholars theological resources for pastors and scholars unrivaled in the United States.

Dean Craig Hill is empowered every day to bring his vision for this great school to life, pushing for continuous improvement, in no small part by attracting top students and faculty. His goals in the next year are to provide a significant increase in scholarship aid for students, allowing more individuals to be a part of our program, and an expanded outreach to the Church and community, building stronger relationships and forging closer bonds. Show your love for Perkins by making a current-use gift today.

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At Simmons, our faculty and staff are dedicated to the development of professionals across many fields of education, counseling, dispute resolution, applied physiology and wellness.

The interdisciplinary work we do focuses on creating and disseminating evidence-based knowledge across these fields to address the challenges of an increasingly changing, diverse world. Our high-quality teaching and rigorous scholarship are grounded in a collaborative spirit and an orientation to the communities we serve.

Dean Stephanie Knight is changing minds in order to change lives. In the next year, Dean Knight’s goal is to award scholarships to 40 teachers in the Dallas Independent School District. Scholarship support enables the Simmons School to recruit and retain top graduate students pursuing higher degrees, allowing them to positively impact the community and children they will serve. Show your love for Simmons by making a current-use gift today.

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