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Every day, SMU faculty and staff help shape the lives of countless students, peers and community members. Their efforts – whether in the office or in the classroom, locally or abroad – create world changers.

In addition to your time and talent, your current-use gift as part of SMU’s annual faculty and staff giving effort has an immediate impact on students today. Your ongoing support powers the ambitious efforts of SMU students who will no doubt change the world in the years ahead.

Make the gift that makes sense for you.

Giving to SMU has never been easier. Many faculty and staff choose to make a recurring gift by payroll deduction. Others make their gift online by charging their credit card monthly, quarterly or annually.

SMU’s annual faculty and staff campaign began in 2009 and continues to showcase the strength and commitment we each bring to our profession and to the students of SMU. SMU is one of the nation’s leading universities because of the work and service we perform together.

Last year more than 64 percent of SMU’s faculty and staff gave to SMU. This year, our goal is to raise $175,000 in current-use funds from 65 percent of our colleagues. Thank you in advance for your support.

Fredrick I. Olness and Jennifer “JJ” Jones ’93, ’99
Co-chairs of the Faculty and Staff Campaign

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Track Our Progress

School or Area Progress Donor Goal Donors Still Needed
108 72
Business and Finance
262 208
Cox School of Business
176 126
Central University Libraries
69 47
Dedman College of Humanities & Sciences
415 333
Dedman School of Law
99 80
Development and External Affairs
138 71
Legal Affairs
10 2
Lyle School of Engineering
121 91
Meadows School of the Arts
195 155
Office of Information Technology
117 69
Office of the President
19 7
Office of the Provost
233 201
Perkins School of Theology
77 43
Simmons School of Education and Human Development
153 117
Student Affairs
110 79
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Impact Stories

Support the SMU Fund

When you join the Pony Power stampede and invest in the SMU Fund, you can direct your support to the entire University – to SMU’s greatest needs, to scholarships or to faculty – to the highest priorities of a school or the libraries, or to campus experiences through Athletics or Student Affairs. Your gift to the SMU Fund makes an immediate impact and helps every school and unit address the University’s strategic priorities.

Support the Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund provides immediate grants to students who find themselves in unexpected financial crises. Previous grants have included a grocery gift card to carry a student through until her financial aid package was in place and air transportation home for a student whose mother was having emergency open heart surgery. Your gift to the Student Emergency Fund can truly change the lives of students in need.

Support the Mustang Club

Your gift to the Mustang Club provides SMU Athletics with the tools to support our 424 talented student-athletes that compete in 17 Division I sports programs to be nationally competitive in their academic and athletic endeavors. Gifts to the Mustang Club provide everything from the education and academic support of our student-athletes, to athletic equipment, health care, and life skills training, all of which are part of their world-class education at SMU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is faculty and staff giving important to SMU? 2017-07-18T15:31:27+00:00

For two reasons. First, faculty, staff and alumni giving rates heavily influence corporate and foundation gifts to SMU. They look for a high level of support from our closest constituents. Second, by supporting the campaign’s three funding areas, your gift can help make SMU the best it can be.

How will my money be used? 2017-07-18T15:33:20+00:00

It’s up to you.There are a variety of areas to support, and your donation can support a school dean’s fund, SMU Fund, President’s Partners, Mustang Club or building/capital project. If you want to support President’s Partners, your money will be used by departments applying for those funds.

How is faculty and staff participation measured? 2017-07-18T15:33:51+00:00

Faculty and staff participation is measured by the number of current full-time faculty and staff donors divided by the total number of current full-time and permanent part-time SMU faculty and staff. Participation is measured by a cash gift, whether that gift is made via payroll deduction, a planned gift, an outright gift of a check, credit card or a pledge payment on a new or existing pledge.

What if I’m a part-time employee or a retired member of the community? 2017-07-18T15:34:35+00:00

We encourage all of SMU’s faculty and staff, past and present, to give to the annual campaign.

Do all gifts support the annual campaign? 2017-07-18T15:48:42+00:00

All gifts, no matter the size or the area (designation) chosen, support the annual Faculty & Staff Campaign.

Is there a minimum amount for a donation? 2017-07-18T15:49:17+00:00

There is a $5 minimum for all gifts including cash, check, credit card and payroll deduction gifts (by pay period). All gifts of $5 or more will be counted in the campaign.

What if I want to give to my department? 2017-07-18T15:49:42+00:00

If you department has a fund-raising designation, you may give to it.

Can I still support President’s Partners? 2017-07-18T15:50:21+00:00

Yes! President’s Partners continues to be a strategic funding priority for the University. All gifts to President’s Partners will be counted in the campaign.

Will my gift be confidential? 2017-07-18T15:51:10+00:00

Your name will be included on donor lists unless you choose to opt out of our donor lists. If you are a President’s Associates member, your name and gift amount will be published on that list according to giving level and the number of years you’ve given; however, you may also choose to opt out of that list.

What if I have additional questions? 2017-07-18T15:51:36+00:00

If you have additional questions, please email fsgiving@smu.edu.

President’s Partners

SMU faculty and staff members directly support the work of their colleagues and enhance the student experience through the President’s Partners program.

Since the introduction of the program, gifts to the President’s Partners program have funded a number of important projects. For example, past grant recipients received funds to purchase anthropometric equipment for student research in Anthropology (2011), equipment to enhance a mentoring program in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development (2008), and a Lemur multitouch control surface for performance and studio research in the Meadows School of the Arts (2009). See below for the list of additional grants funded by the President’s Partners Program.

Gifts can be made by payroll deduction, credit card, or check. Donors who give $100 or more each fiscal year (June 1 through May 31) will receive special recognition.

For inquiries about President’s Partners program grants, contact Arlene Zalkovsky in the Provost’s Office at 214-768-2816. For questions about the President’s Partners program, please e-mail donorrelations@smu.edu or call 214-768-4071.


Based on the number of years of giving, faculty and staff who give at least $100 in SMU’s fiscal year to the President’s Partners program receive one of these pins.

  • Year 1 — Red
  • Year 2 — Blue
  • Year 3 — Gold
  • Year 4 — Platinum
  • Year 5 — Gold with ruby
  • Year 10 — Platinum with Sapphire


Name Title School Department Requested Equipment or Materials
Bierman, Sue Director, LEC University LEC Projection system in second LEC classroom to include projector, wiring, retractable screen and labor for installation
Goldberg, Paula Lecturer Meadows Film & Media Arts Request funding to purchase tracks and accessories to enhance the existing doorway dolly (a wheeled platform for camera and camera operator).
Goolsby, Ryan Technical Mgr Meadows Multiple CNC routing machine which allows the limited 3-D cutting of a range of materials with computer control.
Johnson, Melissa Reference & Digital Svcs Librarian Cox Library AAXA P300 battery-operated projectors and accessories.
Kerins, Mark Associate Professor Meadows Film & Media Arts Color grading software and control surfaces for three advanced workstations.
Strecker, Teresa Lecturer Dedman Biology Four Thermo Scientific Spectronic 200 Spectrophotometers to support recruitment of academically gifted undergrads to the sciences, research, and enhance teaching and learning.
Wallmark, Zachary Assistant Professor Meadows Music 20 Galvanic Skin response sensors to measure Musical Emotion & Galvanic Skin Response in the Music Classroom.
Wetherington, Ron Professor Dedman Anthropology Newly available human bone casts for classes in Human Evolution, Forensic Anth and Zooarchaeology
Windham, Lottia Sr Student Financial Specialist University Student Financials Funding to cover promotional items and printing costs, workshop materials and supplies, refreshments for workshops, and registration/certification fees related to workshops.



Fredrick I. Olness, Co-chair
Jennifer “JJ” Jones ’93, ’99, Co-chair


Kevin White

Business and Finance

Vickie Bumgardner

Central University Libraries

Terre Heydari
Cindy Ruppi ’14

Cox School of Business

Jim Bryan
Don Shelly

Dedman College

Luisa del Rosal ’08,’15

Dedman School of Law

Martin L. Camp ’79
JoAnn Hubbard

Development and External Affairs

Ann Fielder ’89
Hillsman Jackson

Legal Affairs

Paul Ward

Lyle School of Engineering

Thomas Siems
Emily Newsome

Meadows School of the Arts

Jay Hengst
Christopher Dolder

Perkins School of Theology

Ted Campbell ’84
Ellen Frost ’85

Office of the President


Office of Information Technology

Joe Gargiulo
Aren Cambre ’99, ’03, ’14

Provost/Academic Affairs


Simmons School of Education and Human Development

Susan Holland
Lauren Gilmore

Student Affairs

Renee’ Gibson ’05
Alicia Love ’14

Ex-Officio Members

R. Gerald Turner
Brad E. Cheves