At SMU, our appreciation of annual donations cannot be overstated. The support and generosity of the Mustang community strengthens all that makes SMU great and touches lives across campus. In short, SMU would not be all that it is today without our donors’ continued support, so we are pleased to honor them with membership in three different giving societies that recognize both loyalty and leadership giving.

Donors Make A Difference.

In the 2017-18 school year, President’s Associates gave more than XX percent of the $57.6 million raised for current-use funds. INSERT POINT ABOUT HILLTOP. These numbers are big, but their impact is even bigger. These gifts unlock unlimited opportunities for SMU students, faculty and staff to reimagine the world and tackle some of our most complex problems.

Hilltop Society Logo

Hilltop Society

Donors who give for two or more consecutive years to any area of the University. Learn more.

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President’s Associates

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more for current-use during a fiscal year. Learn more.

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Dallas Hall Society

Donors who help secure SMU’s future through planned gifts

Learn more about each of SMU’s donor societies, and join the one that’s right for you! Show your support and be a part of a passionate community that stays involved with SMU.

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President’s Associates

Each year SMU gratefully recognizes President’s Associates, who contribute $1,000 or more in current-use gifts to the University during SMU’s fiscal year. These gifts provide immediate support to every area of SMU.

Through their generosity, President’s Associates demonstrate a deep commitment to strengthening the University’s mission. Their gifts provide an immediate impact – from funding scholarships and groundbreaking faculty research to enhancing the campus experience – and fuel SMU’s Pony Power initiative, leading the way for others to follow.


SMU recognizes President’s Associates each year based on gifts received with any current-use designation in the previous fiscal year, June 1 – May 31. Alumni under age 35 who graduated from SMU within the past 10 years are eligible for membership at 50 percent of the minimum gift amounts listed.


Naming levels honor those SMU presidents who devoted many years of service to advancing the University. Listed in order by years of tenure, these visionary leaders embodied the spirit of SMU during their time on the Hilltop.

  • Hyer Circle $2,500 – $4,999
  • Selecman Circle $5,000 – $9,999
  • Lee Circle $10,000 – $24,999
  • Tate Circle $25,000 – $49,999
  • Pye Circle $50,000 – $99,999
  • Circle of Champions $100,000+

President’s Associates receive exclusive opportunities to engage with SMU, including special announcements and invitations, featured online content and more. They also receive a welcome packet containing premium items to display their SMU pride.

Please Join Us

For more information about President’s Associates, please contact the SMU Office of Annual Giving at 214-768-4777 or giving@smu.edu.

Hilltop Society

SMU’s Hilltop Society provides special recognition and distinction to donors who collectively help build SMU’s financial foundation through consecutive yearly giving. A gift given every year to any area of the University adds up exponentially when combined with gifts from other SMU alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends.

Inspired by the spot on which Dallas Hall stands, the Hilltop Society recognizes SMU’s most loyal donors after two or more fiscal years of consecutive giving to any area of SMU.


Membership in the Hilltop Society requires donors to have made gifts in the most recent two consecutive fiscal years. Donors may designate a gift of any size to a current-use fund or to any other area of the University.

Membership will continue by simply giving any amount – there is no minimum – during each current fiscal year, June 1 – May 31.

After donors are recognized as members of the Hilltop Society, they will be acknowledged based on the total number of years they have contributed to SMU.

Hilltop Society members receive special communications from SMU, are acknowledged in University publications and receive invitations to University and donor events in Dallas and other cities. After 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of giving, members will receive special recognition from the University, in addition to a welcome packet containing premium items to display their SMU pride.

Please Join Us

To learn more about the Hilltop Society, please contact the SMU Office of Annual Giving at 214-768-4777 or giving@smu.edu.

Dallas Hall Society

Named for SMU’s first building and the heart of its academic and intellectual life, the Dallas Hall Society was established in 1995 to recognize the generosity and foresight of those who are securing SMU’s future through planned gifts. Dallas Hall Society members are committed to making SMU academically strong and financially sound, now and for years to come.

Membership in the Dallas Hall Society is extended to those who:

  • include SMU as a beneficiary in their will or living trust
  • name SMU as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan
  • name SMU as a beneficiary of a life income gift (a remainder trust, a gift annuity or a lead trust)
  • make a gift of a personal residence or farm to SMU, with life estate reserved

SMU honors Dallas Hall Society members with a limited-edition print of an original painting of Dallas Hall and a Certificate of Membership. Members are encouraged to visit campus and are invited to special events on campus.

Please Join Us

You can help advance SMU’s mission and shape world changers. Please contact us if you have named SMU as the beneficiary of your estate or gift plans. We can share information on how to include SMU in your will or how to designate SMU as the beneficiary of a future gift and send you specific details on how a life income gift might benefit you today and help secure SMU’s future. If you already have done so, please let us know. We want to honor you as a member of the Dallas Hall Society.

For more information about the Dallas Hall Society, please contact the SMU Office of Gift Planning at 214-768-1911 or plannedgiving@smu.edu.

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