Mustang Momentum

Dorm, life

For most, dorm life is a short interlude between living at home with your parents and your first apartment. For Dedman College chemistry professor David Son, returning to the dorm—with his wife and two children—was an opportunity to build a community, and more community-minded SMU students. Learn how he engages SMU students with family meals and a parent’s care.


An Academy award

“It is overwhelming to be in the company of Winston Churchill, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jonas Salk and the ‘mother’ of my own discipline, Margaret Mead,” said noted SMU anthropologist Carloine Brettell as she contemplated her induction into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. It’s an extraordinary honor, but well deserved. Read more about Professor Brettell’s research and accomplishments.


Mentoring with a “no”

When Professor Eric Bing told SMU senior Dylan DeMuth he was not yet qualified to enroll in his global health class, he gave the premed student a challenge to "improve your grades and call me in a month." Dylan did, and met with Bing a month later to report improvement—the beginning of a mentorship that inspired DeMuth to re-choreograph his life.

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