Mustang Momentum

More learning, better students

The Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (A-LEC) is one of the many support programs across campus solely intent on student success. Through the help offered by A-LEC and other centers on campus, students build confidence, develop sharper skills, and learn to navigate the rigors of their academic and social lives.


A winning assist

“I wanted to attend a school where I could play basketball and also get a business degree,” Jonathan Wilfong ’17 said about picking SMU. “I could have gone to a smaller school and played more, but I knew what I wanted to study and I knew where my future was.” But no one knew his love of basketball and business studies would lead him to found Coaching for Literacy, and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get kids reading.


Community theater

SMU students and alumni used their talents and vision to bring together communities across Dallas in an expansive and vibrant recasting of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  Learn how the Meadows School, and eleven SMU undergraduates, put together “One of the best experiences I’ve had in college,” and united a community through art.

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